Fourth Way Mindfulness

Our work is seeing where my attention is – now. What is grabbing my attention, inwardly and outwardly – observing ourselves while we engage in life.

Paying attention to this moment.

We strive to develop a power of attention that is non-judgmental, that  sees our experience as it occurs.

We attempt not to cling to that which is pleasant or avoid the terrible. Whatever comes, that is the path.

The Fourth Way of Mr Gurdjieff helps us develop this attention not just from the mind, but the body and feelings and helps bring awareness to our external lives; not just when we are sitting.

Mindfulness helps us concentrate our attention, allows us to see intimately our wandering attention. The cure for mindless-ness is mindfulness.

To hear more about Fourth Way Mindfulness, and to begin to engage in the practice, consider attending the introductory talks at the Sheen Center in Manhattan, coming up in September and October, 2016.

Weekly Meetings
There will be a weekly meeting and sitting on Fourth Way Mindfulness every Tuesday at 7pm beginning October 25th to the end of the year.
We will learn abut Mindfulness, have weekly sittings and work with work Fourth Way techniques and practices.
Location:  eBay,  625 6th Avenue, Third Floor, Corner of 6th Avenue and 18th street, Just left of the Container Store as your facing it.

All are welcome and there is no charge.