Gurdjieff Bennett Introductory Meetings

What is Transformation

In a series of ten free Tuesday evening talks, we will address the nature of being human, what can transform in us, the nature of the crises we are in and what we can do about it.

The root of our talks will be the Fourth Way of GI Gurdjieff and JG Bennett, but other paths will be included such as Mindfulness, Tibetan Buddhism and Sufism.

Following each talk will be practice relating to what was said.

  1. Personality and Essence: The real and the fiction within us
  2. Personality & False Personality: The delusion of who we think we are and the reality of I
  3. Many I’s: Are we one or are we many? Developing a permanent center of gravity
  4. Our three Centers: Observation and presence in our human instrument
  5. Energy: The different energies in us and the levels of energies we can experience.
  6. Levels of Consciousness: Four different levels of consciousness we can experience and the transformation of our attention
  7. The Differing Levels of Being: The nature of being, its development in us, and realizing its boundless capacity for insight and evolution
  8. Transforming Attention: Levels of attention, energy, consciousness and how to change them.
  9. Active and Receptive work: What role does Grace have in our life
  10. Paths of Transformation: The Four Ways

This series talks and discussions begin on September 10 and conclude November 26, 2019. We recommend attending the full series to acquire an overview of the system of inner work, but all are welcome at any of the meetings.

Location: Reflections Center for Conscious Living, 227 E 24th St, New York (between 2nd and 3rd Aves).

Meetings begin promptly at 7 pm and run for an hour and a quarter.

There is no charge for the talks – All are welcome.

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For more information: Contact us by email, or call (845) 527-6205.

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