Being is always working in us

We want something to take place and we believe it will be the result of our efforts. We believe we must force a passage toward being. But it is just the opposite.

´╗┐Being is always working in us, trying to break through the hard crust of our ego into the light of consciousness.

The primordial impetus animating human will is the striving of being toward this light. Thus it is not our efforts that produce the experience of being. They simply prepare the way.

´╗┐The experience is not of our doing, but a revelation of WHAT IS. If we repeat unceasingly our efforts–and they need to be repeated–it is to learn to let the reality of Being emerge.

We wish to try to open without fear, to open not once or twice but constantly, until we become conscious of the power of the ego which separates us from life. We undertake this adventure of opening in order to know all the signs by which Being makes itself felt.

We learn not to look at ourselves as the measure of all things and as the master of our lives. We begin to feel that we participate in a great unity, in a great Whole.

Mme de Salzmann

Jeanne DeSalzmann