Gurdjieff & Beelzebub on the Virus

“At the beginning, after the destruction of the organ Kundabuffer, when they, like all the other three-brained beings of our Great Universe also began to have a ‘Fulasnitamnian-existence,’ this second-being-food was normally transformed and all the fundamental elements proper to it, those which arise from the transformation of their own planet and those which flow into their atmosphere from the transformation in other concentrations of their solar system, were assimilated by their common presence according to the definite data already present in them, and the superfluity of certain of its component elements not used by individual beings automatically passed, as in us, into the possession of the surrounding meritorious beings similar to them.

“But later when, as I have already said, most of them began to exist in a way unbecoming to three-brained beings, Great Nature was constrained to change their Fulasnitamnian-existence into an existence according to the principle of Itoklanoz, and when gradually in the presences of most of them those definite crystallizations foreseen by Great Nature—which crystallizations are the most important part of the composition of the second-being-food, and which when assimilated by beings are transformed into substances for the coating and for the further perfecting of their higher-body-Kesdjan—ceased, owing to their abnormal being-existence, to be assimilated either consciously or automatically for the purpose indicated, then in consequence of this and also because the afflux of these substances, transformed in other concentrations and getting into the atmospheres of the planets, continued all the time to flow into the atmosphere of your planet, the result was that on this ill-fated planet, among your unfortunate favorites, there arose still another definite ‘disease’ which has already become quite definite in its harmful action upon them.

“The point is that not being used up for their predetermined purpose, the said definite cosmic crystallizations become, during certain displacements of their atmosphere, concentrated in certain of their atmospheric strata, and entering into them from time to time—dependently on various external surrounding conditions and also on the inner state of the common presences of your favorites, which by the way arises in them chiefly from the form of their mutual relationship—just into them as into apparatuses foreseen by Nature in general for the transformation of cosmic substances needed for serving the aims of the Most Great general-cosmic-Trogoautoegocrat, and not meeting there ’substrata corresponding to the requirements of the lawful process of Djartklom, they, that is, these cosmic crystallizations, during their subsequent free completed evolutions or involutions for passing into other crystallizations proper to this planet and before completing their transformations, produce upon planetary bodies, thanks already to other accidental factors, that action by which such a mentioned specific disease newly arisen there is characterized.

“Here it is opportune to notice that such a disease there having such a specific cause was named differently by your favorites at different times on different parts of the surface of their planet; and the contemporary beings likewise name it differently and also ‘wiseacre’ differently regarding the explanations of its cause.

“From among the great number of names of this disease of theirs the most widely spread there at the present time are ’grippe,’ ‘influenza,’ ‘Spanish influenza,’ ‘dengue,’ and others.

“As regards the introduction into themselves of the second kind of being-food, which continues among beings even still up to now, then, since they lost the possibility of existing according to the Fulasnitamnian principle, certain of the ingredients of the substances of the second-being-food continue to serve only for assisting the transformation of the first-being-food and for removing from the planetary body certain elements already used by them.

From Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson, Chapter 32 “Hypnotism”, p. 570]