Staying Calm in a Raging World

Our overall Theme remains Staying Calm in a Raging World. We are working this week with Transforming our Denying Force. The denial force is sacred, the negativity of our personality is not. Seeing two forces, the affirmation and the denial together, not being identified with either, is the beginning of freedom.

Our denial force is deep within us and our centers. Whether through aversion, being slothful or indolent, strong dislike, feeling inadequate, avoidance, rejection,  evading unpleasant situations or people, being indolent, arrogant, feeling superior, complaining in general – This keeps us stuck in a small and automatic part of ourselves.

Can we see the depth of our denial automatism, the denying force in our nature.

Freedom comes when we become free of duality, of likes and dislikes.

When we see this in us, put the energy of it into sensation and presence. When we see our automatic denial, can we see its opposite at the same time and hold them together. If this occurs what happens to us in the moment.

Work with our new and powerful Morning Exercise. Keep it simple, just do it.

These are challenging times. Making believe this is no big deal, or over-reaction are both fantasy. Take care, be skillful and not-identified. For us ‘idiots’ into this work, this is a time of accelerated transformation. Let’s take advantage of it.