Working Now

The times we are in are unprecedented, how to work now, even thrive during these times.

One – We live a good deal of our lives in sleep, in a world of self-mechanicality. Being based in a higher world, the natural world, is the necessary first step in our transformation.

We have to let go of our stories and thoughts from our personality that keep us in world 48. Thoughts of being inadequate in this work, powerless, having no energy, dealing with psycho-emotional not spiritual things. This constant tape loop in our heads, emotions and body keep us stuck.

Or the opposite – For some, feeling great now, taking advantage of the times, where the pride, arrogance and self-importance is the tape loop.

We can separate our self from our self. This is our work. By observing our self  stories, stories of our history, lies, images, self pity, tiredness – or their opposite. All of it needs to be separated from. This is our work and whatever technique brings you this separation is good.

Two – If you are under the weight of what is going on, don’t add negativity to it. Go out for a walk, exercise. Get the blood flowing, the body moving. This is important, whether you are feeling down in the body, mind or emotions. If you can’t sit, concentrate, don’t have energy, feel scattered, get your blood moving.

Three – This is a time of opportunity. Sit and work in order to establish a touchstone of being, of your inner life in yourself. Sit and concentrate until you arrive at a place of inner being, where the pull of the personality is not so present. Establish this over time.

And Then – Open to the higher, the finer in you. Learn to be in a completely receptive mode. You have to let go of everything; Your pride, feelings of inadequacy, negativity, history, worry, fear of the future and unknown. Just be, with no doing, expectation, let go of your story. Help is possible, open to it.

We are all in the same boat. The presence of the group, of the work itself can be of enormous help. Finer energy and worlds are present here and now. Always.