Working Now

A cloudy October day, this time of year often has clear air, color, a time of transition.

We can all feel the stressors in the atmosphere at this time. In our era of digital magnification, our feelings, ideas, perceptions of reality often synchronize without our conscious awareness. We do need to reclaim our attention and presence. We do this by being and substantiating I-Am. When we are not in I-Am, we get taken.

We have it within our power to renew at every moment. This is part of the miracle of human life. A relaxed body, free of worry and anxiety, the sensation of our body, the presence of our breath, food from the air – The reverberation of our being in our solar plexus.

Just finished our 3pm connection. An oasis of relationship. Can we connect with Hope.

Hope is knowing we are receiving help. This is our Aim. To see and experience that we are not alone, on many levels.

Be well.