Working with negativity

We are working with transforming our negativity, deeply.
We can experience ourselves impartially, feel our experience physically, abide with it. This is who and how we are. 
We can put the energy of our negativity; worry, inner talk, judgement, inner considering, suffering, fear – into our presence, sensation.
When our reaction is very strong, habitual, feel we can’t control it or it just keeps coming back – We can ask for help. Open to help. For example, the violet light of Rafael, healing us emotionally.
All of this applies to ourselves and our ‘gossip’ about ourselves as well. 

“Our identity does not depend on anything outside of ourselves but arises from the quality of our inner state itself.”
Resistance to unpleasant situations is the root of most suffering. At times we have to surrender to uncertainty. 

A short story from Madeline Gold, previously read:
” Lord Pentland and I are talking before heading over to the Foundation for the evening’s activities.
“What will change the world?” he asks. I complain in false modesty, “I don’t know, I have a narrow mind.” “No,”‘ he says, “you have a broad mind. What will change the world?” He asks again.
“Conscience?” I venture. “No,” he says. “Emanations will change the world.” He wants me to understand the effect that emanations have, that my emanations have. It is a different way of seeing the world, in terms of energy and vibration, rather than actions. Rather than seeing change in terms of action, morality, judgment, or duality, to understand it in terms of the unseen.
Maybe today and tomorrow I can emanate a little more love, a little more joy, a little more finer something or other.
In fact there is a lot of wisdom being spread right now, readily accessible, teachers telling truth. Mr. G. said stopping war, even if it were possible, wouldn’t be the thing. Maybe it’s in the change of vibration.”